RMS Specializes in the beneficial Reuse/Placement of industrial and commercial Co-Products and By-Products.  The staff at RMS will analyze and review your company's unwanted or misdirected products potential.  We practice product sustainability, believing direct placement for reuse is the purest form of recycling.  

Contact us today to see how we can help you reach your company's sustainability goals.

RMS - Products Purchased

Co-Products and By-Products bought and sold by RMS

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-Food Production By-Products

-Di-Ethylene (DEG)-Alumina
-Ethylene (EG)

-Copper/Copper Sulfate

-Propylene (PG and PEG)

-General Scrap


-Zinc/Zinc Oxide
Oils:Soaps/Sufactants (drummed, bulk, or consumer package):
-Base Oils-Car Wash Soap
-Form Release Oils-Conditioners
-Lubricating Oils

-Dish Soap

-Machine Oils-Dyes
-Mineral Oils-Fragrances
-Petroleum Jellies
-Laundry Soap
-Transfer Oils
-Shampoo/Body Wash
Oil Additives:Vegetable Oils:
-Viscosity Modifiers

Other:Plastics (Pellets, Trim, Bailed Consumer):
-Fatty Acids-HDPE and LDPE